Game: Apples to Apples


Bibliographic Information:

Name- Apples to Apples

Company- Mattel (originally Out of the Box Publishing)

Copyright 1999

GTIN- 00746775321543

Interest Age: 12 and up

Average Game Time: 30 minutes

Annotation: Apples to Apples is a great party game to see which player can win the most red apple cards for their brilliant combinations.

How to Play:

Apples to Apples is a game played with multiple players that allows them to come up with their own combinations between nouns and adjectives.

There are 749 red cards that depict nouns (people, places, things, or events) and there are 249 green cards that have adjectives that describe those nouns.

A judge is chosen between the players. Each player is dealt 7 red cards by the judge. The judge picks up a green card and reads the adjective and 3 helpful hints on the card to the players and sets the card down in front of them. It is then up to the players to pick the closest of their 7 red cards (nouns) that they believe goes with that adjective.


The judge is the only person who decided on the winner. The winner of the round will be able to keep the green card the judge pulled, and that is the eventual way of keeping score. Each player must put their used red card in the discard pile, and pick up a new red card to replace the card they played. The group may choose to stop at any certain time to count and determine the winner, or they may stop at 8 green cards for 4 people, 7 green cards for 5 people, 6 green cards for 6 people. The bigger the group, the less green cards the winner should have (Apples to Apples Rules: How do you Play Apples to Apples?, 2014).

Critical Evaluation:

Apples to Apples is one of my favorite games and that is why I included it in this collection. While I was a teen in high school, my friends and I played this game on many nights! What I love about this game is that the rules can bend a little. The judge can decide to go with the funniest pair between the red and green cards, and that leads to plenty of laughter from everyone! It keeps everyone entertained, and I think it is one of the funnest games for teens to participate in.

Challenge Issues:

I don’t see any challenges with this game, apart from the nose it may cause but this can easily be solved by moving the playing group into a community or study room.


Apples to Apples Rules: How do you Play Apples to Apples? (2014). How do you Play it? Retrieved from


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