Music: Twenty One Pilots “Blurryface”


Bibliographic Information:

Title- Blurryface

Artist- Twenty One Pilots

Producers- Ricky Reed, Mike Elizondo, Mike Crossey, Tim Anderson and Tyler Joseph.

Release Date- May 17, 2015

Length- 52:23

Label- Fueled by Ramen

Genre(s): Alternative hip-hop, electropop, hip hop, indie pop, pop, reggae, rock.

Interest Age: 14 and up

Annotation: Twenty One Pilots’ new album Blurryface allows the reader to escape into a fast pace, musically driven world filled with hope.


Blurryface is a popular album for teens and adult alike at this current time. It allows the listener to hear about real situations and give them hope for their own tough times. Getting the title from a character they created, the band hopes that fans will connect with. (Who is Blurryface?, 2015). The songs come in different forms of this character, but build up to a hopefulness of beating Blurryface in the end.

Critical Evaluation:

This album is amazing! It’s also a huge hit with middle school and high school students. This is one of the few albums out there that does not have one bad song on it. Typically, I can’t get through a whole album so I was surprised when I loved this whole album and listened to it multiple times (I still am!). “Stressed Out” is currently one of the most played songs on the radio at this moment, and I am not complaining. “Tear In My Hear” is an ode written about the lead singer’s wife, whom he feels has helped him remember that he is alive. This is the type of hope that is throughout this album, and I believe that teens and YA will relate.

Artist Bio/Information:

Tyler Joseph, the founder and lead vocalist of the american duo Twenty One Pilots was born on December the 1st 1988 in Columbus Ohio. He had three siblings a brother named Jay and the other Zack and a sister named Madison. His mother was a teacher and then became a basketball coach at the Olentangy Orange High School. His father was also a coach and later became the Principal of the Worthington High School where he is still serving (Tyler Joseph Life Story, n.d.).

Joshua William “Josh” Dun is an American musician. He is currently the drummer for the band Twenty One Pilots. He was born in Columbus, Ohio, on June 18, 1988, along with two sisters (Ashley and Abigail) and a brother (Jordan), and taught himself how to play drums when he was young. According to Dun, he was not really allowed to listen to music as a child but would sneak down to the music store once a week and ask for suggestions from the people there. Dun worked at the Guitar Center for three years, also working with Twenty One Pilots’ former drummer Chris Salih.

Dun took part of House of Heroes’ live tour until October, when Rigsby subsequently returned to his duties. In 2011, Dun went to a Twenty One Pilots’ show upon invite by then-drummer Chris Salih, after listening to the band’s original demo CD. He was impressed with the trio’s performance. He eventually met the band’s lead singer, Tyler Joseph, after the show, and a couple of days later, began to spend time together and build a friendship. It was very important happening in Josh Dun biography, that was changed his life (Josh Dun Biography, n.d.).

Challenging Issues:

Some may challenge the initial themes of the album, but I would suggest for them to listen to the rest of the album. I would also be prepared with interviews done by the band about the themes and reasons why this album was written. Example



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