Magazine: Seventeen


Bibliographical Information:

Title- Seventeen

Editor-in-chief- Michelle Tan (stepped down May 2016, in search of new editor)

Publication- Monthly

Genre(s): American teen girl magazine

Interest Age: 13-17

Annotation: Girls 13-17 can read through Seventeen and learn life, style, and relationship advice and tips.

What the Magazine is All About: (plot summary)

Seventeen started out to inspire girls, and continues to do just that today. It also focuses on giving girls advice in life, style and relationships. Each month it focuses on celebrities, fashion, beauty, a special monthly topic, and quizzes that readers can take. Various celebrity interviews are featured, and they even have stories on everyday girls.

Critical Evaluation:

This magazine is a great one to have in this collection. Girls are able to get advice on their daily life, and hear stories from girls just like them. Of course like other magazines out there, there is updates with celebrity lives and fashion columns. I think this appeals to teens, and allow them to have some fun while reading this magazine too. The overall concept of the magazine is aimed at 13-17 year old girls, and their lives. I think the magazine does a great job at keeping up-to-date with the times, and getting input from their readers.

Challenging Issues:

This magazine discusses teen life, and all the issues that may come from that, so it does discuss sex. I will be prepared to defend this magazine by explaining that it provide healthy education to teens about sex and safety. Relationships are a frequent topic within the magazine. I chose this magazine to include in my collection because it is relevant to teen life, and has a fun appeal to teens. It also encourages friendships, education, and following your dreams and achieving your goals.

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