Classic Novel: Weetzie Bat


Bibliographical Information:

Title- Weetzie Bat

Author- Francesca Lia Block

ISBN- 0060736259

Publisher- HarperTeen

Copyright- 1989

Genre(s): Young Adult

Interest Age: 15 and up

Reader’s Annotation: Weetzie, her friend Dirk, and their lives are set magically but they deal with real issues, along with their love Duck and My Secret Agent Lover Man.

Plot Summary:

Weetzie meets Dirk and the instantly become best friends. Dirk tells Weetzie that he is gay. The both decide that they need to find their perfect match, called a duck. They hang over at Dirk’s Grandma Fifi’s house, she raised Dirk. Fifi gives Weetzie a magical lamp. Weetzie wishes for both her and Dirk to find their Duck’s and for them to have a house. Her wishes begin to come true. Dirk meets Duck, Weetzie meets My Secret Agent Lover Man and Fifi dies and leaves the house to Dirk and Weetzie. Weetzie feels like she is happy, but believes that a child will make her happier. My Secret Agent Lover Man does not want a child, and Weetzie decides to have one with Dirk and Duck. They sleep together. My Secret Agent Lover Man leaves Weetzie and she gives birth to Cherokee. My Secret Agent Lover Man comes back, but a woman comes searching for him and says she is pregnant. Later on, a baby is left on their front door. Weetzie’s father is found dead from an overdose and Duck leaves Dirk. Dirk goes after Duck, and brings him back to the home they all share.

Critical Evaluation:

At first I didn’t know how much I would enjoy this book. But it grew on me, I still wouldn’t say that it was my favorite book but I can appreciate the story line. I liked the characters, but I feel as though they weren’t taking life very seriously, which can work for some people, but not me. I think teens will enjoy this novel though because the issues that were relevant in the time period in which it was written are still relevant.

Author Bio/ Information:

Francesca Lia Block was born in Los Angeles to a poet and a painter, their creativity an obvious influence on her writing. Another influence was her childhood love of Greek mythology and fairy tales.
She has lived in the city all her life, and still resides there with her daughter, Jasmine Angelina (about whom she wrote her book Guarding the Moon), her son Samuel Alexander, and her two dogs: a springer spaniel named Vincent Van Go Go Boots and a beagle mix named Thumper” (“Francesca Lia Block,” n.d.).

Ties to Curriculum Units: Cultural Diversity, Differences

Booktalking Ideas:

What is the benefit to embracing differences?

Challenging Issues:

This book is a YA classic that has been challenged and/or banned. THis is because gay characters are featured, AIDS is mentioned, and babies are had not within marriage. I would explain to any adults that this is a reality that some teens face, and that it is beneficial because they will feel as though they are represented.


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