Novel: Daughter of Deep Silence


Bibliographical Information:

Title- Daughter of Deep Silence

Author- Carrie Ryan

ISBN- 0525426507

Publisher- Dutton Books for Young Readers

Copyright- 2015

Genre(s): YA, Mystery, Thriller

Interest Age: 15 and up

Reader’s Annotation: Frances Mace loses everything aboard the luxury yacht Persephone, but she must face it all again years later when her plot for revenge can finally come to light.

Plot Summary:

Frances Mace is aboard the Persephone with her family when it is attacked by men in masks welding guns. Everyone aboard the ship is killed except for Frances, her best friend Libby, her love interest Grey Wells and his U.S. Senator father. Libby and Frances escape on a life raft. The two girls are found by Libby’s father’s ship, but Libby does not survive. Grey and his father tell the media and country that the ship was  by an enormous wave, not ever mentioning the men and the guns. Frances is taken in by Libby’s father and takes on Libby’s identity at a foreign boarding school. When Libby’s father dies, Frances as Libby must go back to the town in which all of his possessions reside, and Grey lives with his father. Frances begins to put her plan for revenge in motion, but can’t seem to stop old feelings from popping up.

Critical Evaluation:

I really enjoyed this book. I would say that this reminds me of popular teen TV shows that are out right now. Frances was a true character, who of course flipped flopped with emotions throughout the novel. I think Carrie Ryan did a great job with building character relationships, and allows the plot to twist and turn in a natural way. Overall, I believe this is a good book and that teens will enjoy it.

Author Bio/ Information:

“Husband and wife Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis have been in love with each other’s writing (and with each other) since meeting in law school a decade ago. Carrie is the New York Times bestselling author of the critically acclaimed and multi-award-winning Forest of Hands and Teeth series, which is based on a world she and JP created together. She is also the author of DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE and INFINITY RING: Divide and Conquer, as well as the editor of FORETOLD: 14 Tales of Prophecy and Prediction. Although they’ve been important parts of each other’s writing for years, THE MAP TO EVERYWHERE is their first full collaboration. JP and Carrie currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina” (Biography Carrie Ryan, n.d.).

Ties to Curriculum Unit: Natural Disasters

 Booktalking Ideas:

How does Frances deal with her emotions throughout the novel?

How would you handle yourself in Frances’ situation?

Challenging Issues: 

I can see that some adults may have an issue with the revenge aspect of the story line, but I will explain why that aspect is relevant to the story line. I decided to include this book to the collection to show a contrast between the two Carrie Ryan book I’ve included and this is a recent popular release.


Biography Carrie Ryan. (n.d.). TeenReads. Retrieved from


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