Game: Clue


Bibliographical Information:

Name- Clue

Maker- Hasbro

Interest Age: 13 and up

Average game time:  15 to 60 minutes

Annotation: Clue is a classic mystery game in which players must find out who the murderer is, what weapon they used, and where the murder occurred.

How to play:

There are 6 different characters, Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, and Mrs. White. There are 6 weapons, a rope, a dagger, a wrench a pistol, a candlestick and a lead pipe. There are also 9 locations, the courtyard, game room, study, dining room, garage, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Each player chooses a character and places them in locations along with places the weapons in locations around the board. The players then sorts all the clue cards into separate decks and take the top card off of each deck to put on the murder envelope. These are the final answers to the murder mystery.

Each player then gets a pile of the clue cards , and check them while checking off who or what they see on their cards on their evidence sheets. Each player rolls and must move the amount on the dice on the board. Once they are in a room, the player may make a suggestion on who they think did, where they did, and how. Then the player to their left must show them if they have a card with one of the suggestions the player left. It continues to the left if the first one does not have any of the suggestions. The players continue to keep track on their evidence sheets, and when someone believes they have an idea of what is in the envelope, they can make an accusation when they get in any room. If they are right, they win! If they are wrong, they are out and the others can still win.

Critical Evaluation:

I really enjoy this game! This is one I regularly play with my family. I think teens will enjoy this game at the library because they are able to write down clues, make guesses, and it is a game with thinking and strategies involved. The board is colorful and features various paintings of the rooms. I think it is a well crafted game, and keeps the players on their toes.

Challenging Issues:

There may be some issues with the game with it featuring murders but it is the point of the game, and does not feature any graphic details.




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