Non-Fiction Novel: Amelia Lost: The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart


Bibliographical Information:

Title- Amelia Lost: The Life and Disapperance of Amelia Earhart

Author- Candace Fleming

ISBN- 0375841989

Publisher- Schwartz & Wade

Copyright- 2011

Genre(s): YA, Biography, Non-Fiction

Interest Age: 14 and up

Reader’s Annotation: Follow the life of Amelia Earhart with pictures, maps, and notes from Amelia.

Plot Summary:

This is a telling of Amelia’s life and even a behind the scenes look into personal relationships. It goes back and forth between when she was “lost” and her life before. A lot of little facts bring together this biography on the famous pilot’s life. Including pictures and quotes we get the closest look into Amelia Earhart’s life that is available.

Critical Evaluation:

I really liked reading this book. I learned a lot about Amelia I had never known before. All I knew before reading this book was that she was famous, a pilot and that she had gone missing. Fleming doesn’t let her personal views on Amelia into the story and fills us with facts in a way appropriate for all age groups to read.

Author Bio/Information:

“I have always been a storyteller. Even before I could write my name, I could tell a good tale… After graduation, I got married and had children. I read to them a lot, and that’s when I discovered the joy and music of children’s books. I simply couldn’t get enough of them. With my two sons in tow, I made endless trips to the library. I read stacks of books. I found myself begging, “Just one more, pleeeeease!” while my boys begged for lights-out and sleep. Then it struck me. Why not write children’s books? It seemed the perfect way to combine all the things I loved: stories, musical language, history, and reading. I couldn’t wait to get started” (“Biography”, n.d.).

Booktalking Ideas:

What do you know about Amelia Earhart?

What do you think happened to Amelia?

Ties to Curriculum Units: History

Challenging Issues: None


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